CHOMO LUNG MAA and “Mother F*ckers” (?!)

Who is JEFF BERWICK? What was he saying in 2013? Why does it matter now? What is ANARCHOCAPITALISM? And what does any of it have to do with a mountain in Nepal? Let’s take a trip through a video-photo-essay, connect some dots, and find out.

Jeff Berwick is an Anarcho-Capitalist.  Libertarian.  Freedom fighter against mankind’s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks.  Jeff Berwick is the founder of The Dollar Vigilante and host of the popular video podcast, Anarchast.  Jeff is a prominent speaker at many of the world’s freedom, investment and cryptocurrency conferences including his own, Anarchapulco, as well as regularly in the media including CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business.  Jeff also posts exclusive content daily to the new blockchain based social media network, Steemit.

This is some of what Jeff Berwick had to say back in 2013 at Cambridge House International’s Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. You can watch more of his interview HERE and HERE – well worth the time and investigation, if you want to see the workings of a visionary thinker and financial market player well ahead of the game.


Some more about Jeff Berwick’s life and adventures :

Jeff’s background in the financial markets dates back to his founding of Canada’s largest financial website,, in 1994. In the late ‘90s the company expanded worldwide into 8 different countries and had 250 employees and a market capitalization of $240 million USD at the peak of the “tech bubble”.  To this day more than a million investors use for investment information every month.

Jeff was the CEO from 1994 until 2002 when he sold the company.  Afterwards, Berwick went forth to live on and travel the world by sailboat but sank his boat in a storm off the coast of El Salvador.  After being saved clinging to his surfboard with nothing but a pair of surfing shorts left of all his material possessions he decided to “live nowhere” and travel the world as spontaneously as possible with one overarching goal: See and understand the world with his own eyes, not through the lens of the media.


He went on to visit nearly 100 countries over five years and did and saw things that no education could ever teach.   He met and spoke with a plethora of amazing people, from self-made billionaires to some of the brightest minds in finance – as well as entrepreneurs from a broad range of backgrounds and locations from tech companies in southern China to resource developers in Thailand, Russia and Chile.  He also read everything he could find on how the world really works… politically and financially.  A pursuit he continues to this day.

That education led him to become one of the biggest proponents of the Permanent Traveler/Prior Taxpayer (PT) Theory.

He expatriated, long ago from his country of birth, Canada, and considers himself a citizen of the world.  He has lived in numerous locales since including Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Acapulco, Mexico.

Jeff Berwick seems to have figured it out – he lives a good life with his family in Mexico – he seems to not have compromised a baseline reality-check of fundamental, universal moral codes in his financial ascent as an entrepreneur – and, nicely, he displays a solid engagement with a deep, spiritual understanding of life – and death. What more could you ask for right? Jeff Berwick, we feel, therefore, has a valuable lens for insight to what’s really going on here. “What do you mean by what’s really going on here?” you may ask. “We are in the middle of a global health crisis” you may exclaim. Come on, by now, do you really believe what we are in has anything to do with anything at all, but a global financial reset by an elite handful of globalists? Do you really believe anything other than the truth, which is that these elite globalists weaponised the newest strain of the annual flu, to globally lock us down, while they globally reset the global finance, which they already globally owned anyways? This truth is easy to find, in fact, it’s all over the internet, free and available to anyone who still has sovereign rationale – and the ability to connect-the-dots. In case you’ve lost both, all, or the plot, however, we’ve put together this handy-dandy guide which can help you connect-the-dots. The truth is found if you just scratch the surface. The truth is sitting, overwhelmingly clear to see, just a tear behind the veil of illusion – just behind the hysteria-on-overdrive mainstream-media narrative spin of the apparently formidable, new, “global health bogeyman” “COVID19[84]“.

You can read Jeff’s, very informative, blog post HERE – and you can watch his equally engaging vlog in it’s entirety HERE. Jeff Berwick knew what was coming, back in 2013, seven years ago – and, below, follows a summary of what we learned, from what he has to say about it all now :

1) OWNED! AT THE FLICK OF A SWITCH. First thing you should probably know about your globalist lords and masters – you know, the same lot running the plannedemic script – they also own a “killswitch“!


2) “HAFTA” A BRIBE BY ANY OTHER NAME… in India, the weekly “cut”/”commission” the local mafia collects from business-owners, to allow them to operate, is called “hafta” – it means “weekly” and implies “protection”. Globally globalist KillBill Gates has been paying off globalist-owned global-media… KillBill has been rolling with the down and dirty… but because its a globalist billionaire doing it, its called a “donation” – and yes it is globally tax-free. The mafia, in comparison, and in their transparency, are a far more honest folk.

So where does this leave the veracity of “news reports”? Where does this leave us mere mortals and who we can, or should, believe? Who’s got what skew?


GLOBAL HEALTH AND GATES TENTACLES. NewsHour Communications Chief Robb Flynn.

3) THE CULLING OF RANCH LIVESTOCK AND DESTROYING FOOD AND GRAIN HARVESTS. Now why would they be doing that? Why?! Are there not already enough starving millions? Cut to: Tyson “Foods” is a giant in the “food industry”, heavily vested in producing ‘frankenstein‘ lab grown ‘meat’. So it follows…

Oh well lookie here! It’s our old foul-weather-foe KillBill at it agin’… damn near got every corner of every kinda market locked down now doesn’t he? It’s almost like it was all planned. How in the whirl, you ask? Let’s keep connecting the dots…

4) While the world goes to hell in a hand basket, smarmy KillBill buys himself a new pad!

5) Back in 2009, ole KillBill had himself a “secret meeting” of his eugenics-minded co-crusty-billionaire-fellas, mayors and media moguls, all in attendance in New York city. We, you and I were not invited – not by representation, nor by proxy. But what were they discussing to which we couldn’t be privy at this “secret meeting” in 2009? Well us only, they were discussing us! Black, brown, red, yellow, po’ white, us! And how there were too many of us! A whole entire “overpopulation” of us! But we had no place in those discussions at that “secret meeting“. How much would you bet Jeffrey Epstein was there too? This was before he didn’t kill himself in a jail cell where all the cctv cameras failed on the day that he didn’t kill himself. But we digress. “The Good Club“, they called themselves, the lot at the “secret meeting“, in the usual upturned inversions these crusty junior wizards like to make of the truth with their word-spell-fuckery: “The Good Club” no less.

The Good Club” “secret meeting” attendees, with their “secret meeting” hand signs, and their “secret meetingadrenochrome-bulging-eyeballs, included the likes of high-rolling-full-blown-psychopaths like George Soros, David Rockefeller Jr, Warren Buffet – and even good ole Aunty Oprah made the cut – she of the “Mumbai-slum-tour” who gasped, “..but how do they live like that?! 10 to a room ugh!?” as she wedged her “secret meeting” self past the hovels of the most tenacious, hearty, outlier survivors on the entire planet. [ZINDABAD DHARAVI ZINDABAD!]
* Like, is THIS who you get to hang out with when you make it to the billionaire club?! For real tho’? So you see what we mean when we say: “Millionaire? Billionaire? Civilianaire… let’s get there… ” Just sayin’…

The Rockefeller Foundation’s LOCKSTEP agenda emerged from the “secret meeting” of “The Good Club“. Dismantling “the world as we know it” and a “controlled demolition” of the global economy is the agenda – the objective is a completely controlled global population bereft of any means of autonomous sustenance or livelihood; indeed to have a monolithic government as your only sugar-daddy, without whom you will not be able to survive. Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Agenda 2050 are the phases of that shift to a New World Order. You can watch investigative journalist (the new/old heros and heroines of our times) HARRY VOX, fervently explain the Rockefeller Foundation’s LOCKSTEP agenda HERE – and you can download the LOCKSTEP pdf HERE – toldja it’s all right there for you to see and find. They HAVE to tell you what they’re going to do you see, there is a universal law which requires permission, consent. Of course you would never agree to an iota of what these psychopaths get up to, therefore they have to “manufacture your consent” and gain your “permission” with “predictive programming” amongst other nefarious coercions, mostly unbeknownst to us – by design – just under the cuff of our awareness. These globalist-psychopaths’ rationale goes something like this: “well we told you what we were going to do, we showed you [usurped pop-culture, films, music, celebrities you worship, mass-media-programming] and you didn’t do anything to stop us, so we de facto have your consent, albeit inadvertent permission, to go ahead“… “engineered consent“. They DO NOT think like us. You cannot become a ‘billionaire’ without losing the one single faculty that makes you human > empathy. Billionaires don’t got none. Nor do psychopaths – in fact, this is the one faculty to discern human from whateverelse, empathy – the ability to relate, understand or share the feelings of another.
* Which is why it is so important to be informed, to do your own research, to find and meet truth, no matter how good, bad or ugly it gets – so you don’t serve yourself on a platter to anything other than your own sovereign purpose fulfilled in this sacred embodiment here on Earth. THE MOST important thing you can possibly be doing here, on the planet right now, is gain self-knowledge – to find and sit with the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothin’ but the Truth, so help us God. And it is going to become harder and harder to discern truth as we roll along on the trajectory that is set and playing out – it’s gonna get much harder, before it lets up people. So get to know your living/awake/alive from your domesticated/propagandized/dead. Get to know truth, your own truth, the only truth there is, before it’s taken away from you and locked into some “human capital” data-bank churning out loosh from somewhere underground, beneath someplace like CERN, to feed 4IR forever. Find the truth. Just do it – and do it now!

Even there, at the “secret meeting” of “The Good Club“, KillBill with his nasty-whiney-psychopathy, “was trying to dominate, said sources”. Much like he is trying to do now, in all things, everywhere. “The Good Club” set itself to “save the world“. How do they want to “save the world“? They want to “save the world” with “Billanthropy“, “Killanthropy” and “philanthro-capitalism” they say … in that side-wind-ey, Margaret Sanger/Planned Parenthood eugenics kinda way …

“The Good Club” II of III
“The Good Club” III of III

6) WHAT IS WITH “CHARITY” AND ABJECT, ABSOLUTE CORRUPTION GOING HAND IN GLOVE? What is with that? We all know about that old crusty “charitable” Mother Teresa by now don’t we? Don’t you?! In 2017, globally globalist crusty Soros, alone, was funding 206 organisations! 206! How do you do that? What is that? It’s mad control – predatory, insatiable, power mad control. And when we talk that kind of “charity”, we can’t leave out the most narcissist psychopath pretender to the charity-crown of them all, the power-mad battle-axe Killary and the Clinton Foundation. Yup they’re all up in there too… remember Haiti? Remember money flooding in from empathy-full, real, feeling, human beings around the world, to the Clinton Foundation’s “relief efforts” in Haiti, by the millions? (ninety-million-usd at last count). Unfortunately most of it never made it to the island nation, or her devastated people, or to all the rebuilding, recovery housing that was promised by the “charitable” Clinton Foundation. That “charity” money is now probably funding “Pantsuit Nation” and the next megalomaniacal attempt at any part or corner of the White House (Bet she finds a way! Bet she tries to jockey that other old crusty Biden! Bet!). Let’s keep throwing out dots to connect…

7) HERE WE ARE, WHAT A CENTURY 2020 HAS BEEN EH?! Just look at these runaway flu.. I mean “covid” statistics from 2018 to 2020! WTF happened here?! Boggles the mind! Or not.


Hospitals will be flooded with the dead and the dying and the infected! OMG the infected! We won’t be able to handle it!” Right. So, here’s EXPECTED and ACTUAL data of HOSPITAL BED OCCUPANCY from the current, ongoing plannedemic :

Hospitals are shutting down – RNs, doctors and staff are furloughed – not because of the “dead, dying and infected“, but because of the lockdown – hospitals, as with all other small, medium and franchise businesses, are simply unable to carry on – there are no clients, they’re all at home, on lockdown “sheltering in place”.



Here is KillBill “warning” and predicting – but really planning, inserting into the mental-global-psyche by repetition and fear – and strategically ensuring a “2nd wave“. Gotta sell those vaccines, seven billion of ’em. Do you buy this snakeoil salesman’s absolute crap anymore? Does anyone? May 2020, month 3 of a global plannedemic lockdown, “Anti Christ” is not so far fetched anymore for this creep is it?

9) BAILOUTS – not you and me type bailouts, we just get the $1200 bucks handout – THIS IS HIGH ROLLER, RISK TAKER (said risk taken with our money btw), BIG BANK, “TOO BIG TO FAIL” BIG, BIG TIME CORPORATE BAILOUTS… have a look:

HAVE A CLOSER LOOK … look at the numbers… “we are in the middle of THE BIGGEST scam”, “THE BIGGEST power grab money/wealth heist” in the history of all humankind…

Of course Virgin. Of course “Sir Richard Branson”. Of course he will be bailed out! “Too Big To Fail”

As Jeff Berwick advised and predicted in 2013, crypto currencies, including the famous Bit Coin, rise and rise…


…while the Dow Jones, fiat currencies and all else of “life as we have known it” fall and fall. Will they tank into oblivion?



10) “ROTI, KAPDA AUR MAKAN”.. FOOD, CLOTHING and SHELTER, the basics of survival, existence for humankind. Well, there goes that…

Meanwhile folks who dare to be self-sustaining are punished beyond recovery. Totalitarian government, is now your sugar-daddy – go against him and you will feel the pain. In Florida, the pain looks like $500 dollars A DAY – the fine for daring to grow your own food.

Small business owners, like barber shops, risk criminal punishment for opening their businesses, for trying to survive…

… while the newsanchor screeches “but the numbers infected, the dead, the data, the numbers, how can you be so selfish” … as to attempt to survive through this scamdemic plannedemic you mean? … “HOW DARE YOU?” (…remind you of someone? …yup, the gretathunberg / extinctionrebellion / green-new-deal crowd are on standby, waiting in the wings for when their moment in this crime-against-all-life-on-Earth re-enters the fray… but that’s for another post… other flaring dots to connect in a next article…)

So what exactly would these self-appointed globally globalist overlords have the over-population-of-us actually do – or be? Besides dead? After the fuckery of guidance from their Georgia Guidestones, the plan for those of us left seems to be the “singularity”, the “merge with the machine”, the “neuron laced” semi-human-bot, Fifth/generation microwave modulated – well no, totally controlled – human herd. Sheeple, in fact.

Still not convinced? Still believe your overlord masters have your best interest in their globally global plannedemic plans? Check this out > > > The highest mountain on the planet, popularly known as “Mount Everest”, is long known by the indigenous, who live with her, as CHOMO LUNG MAA, “GODDESS MOTHER OF THE UNIVERSE”. Pierced into the body of the Goddess Mother of the Universe, is now one of the highest constructions of these truly insane Fifth-Generation-Electro-Frequency-Tower installations. As a friend asked, “since when did Sherpas need faster downloads?

This is the globally globalist predatory 4IR-techno-patriarchy run amok – as dysfunctional, desolate and bereft of sanity as its predatory industrial predecessor. Given what they have just done to Chomo Lung Maa, this makes them – literally – “Mother Fuckers”.


One answer may come from one of the questions at the beginning of this article. What is ANARCHOCAPITALISM? Let’s wind this up with some important definitions and overstandings :


Anarchy is the state of a society being freely constituted without authorities or a governing body. It may also refer to a society or a group of people that totally rejects a set hierarchy. The word anarchy means “an absence of government”, a political philosophy which advocates stateless societies based on voluntary associations. In practical terms, anarchy can refer to the curtailment or abolition of traditional forms of government and institutions. It can also designate a nation or any inhabited place that has no system of government or central rule. Anarchy is primarily advocated by individual anarchists who propose replacing government with voluntary institutions. These true institutions or associations generally are modeled off of nature since they can represent concepts such as community and economic self-reliance, interdependence, or individualism.

ECOFEMINISM in modernity – or INDIGENOUS PRACTISE in reality :

India’s Dr. Vandana Shiva is known as an EcoFeminist

Ecofeminism is a branch of feminism that sees environmentalism, and the relationship between women and the earth, as foundational to its analysis and practice. Ecofeminist thinkers draw on the concept of gender to analyse the relationships between humans and the natural world. Ecofeminist theory asserts that a feminist perspective of ecology does not place women in the dominant position of power, but rather calls for an egalitarian, collaborative society in which there is no one dominant group. Today, there are several branches of ecofeminism, with varying approaches and analyses, including liberal ecofeminism, spiritual/cultural ecofeminism, and social/socialist ecofeminism (or materialist ecofeminism). Ecofeminist analysis explores the connections between women and nature in culture, religion, literature and iconography, and addresses the parallels between the oppression of nature and the oppression of women. These parallels include but are not limited to seeing women and nature as property, seeing men as the curators of culture and women as the curators of nature, and how men dominate women and humans dominate nature. Ecofeminism emphasizes that both women and nature must be respected.

And finally we come to ANARCHOCAPITALISM :

Anarcho-capitalism is a political philosphy and economic theory that advocates the elimination of centralized states in favor of self-ownership, private property and free markets.  Anarcho-capitalists hold that in the absence of statue (which they describe as law by arbitrary autocratic decrees, or bureaucratic legislation swayed by transitory political special interest groups), society tends to contractually self-regulate and civilize through the spontaneous and organic discipline of the free market which they describe as a voluntary society. Anarcho-capitalists support wage labour as a “voluntary trade” and believe that neither protection of person and property nor victim compensation requires a state. In an anarcho-capitalist society, law enforcement, courts and all other security services would be operated by privately funded competitors selected by consumers rather than centrally through confiscatory taxation. Along with all other goods and services, money would be privately and competitively provided in an open market. Personal and economic activities under anarcho-capitalism would be regulated directly by consumers and their directly selected agents through market-based dispute resolution organizations under tort and contract law, rather than by statute through centrally determined punishment under political monopolies which they believe tend to generate corruption through the collectivization of property and “distortion of market signals”. Anarcho-capitalists believe that business regulations such as corporate standards, public relations, product labels, rules for consumer protection, ethics and labor relations would be self regulated via the use of competitive trade assocations, professional societies and standards bodies. In theory, this would establish market-recourse for businesses’ decisions and allow the market to communicate effectively with businesses by the use of consumer unions instead of centralized regulatory mandates for companies imposed by the state which anarcho-capitalists and other libertarians argue are inefficient due to regulatory capture. According to anarcho-capitalists, various theorists have espoused legal philosophies similar to anarcho-capitalism. Anarcho-capitalist society would operate under a mutually agreed-upon libertarian “legal code which would be generally accepted, and which the courts would pledge themselves to follow”. This pact would recognize self-ownership, property, contracts and tort law in keeping with the universal non-agression principle. 


A theme that emerges from anarchy, echofeminism/indigenous practise and anarchocapitalism seems to tie in, strongly, as well, with decolonization.



How did the dots connect for you? What do you feel are solutions for the way forward? Let’s talk about the world we would like to live in. And then let’s start creating it for ourselves and with a consciousness for, at least, seven generations ahead. Are you down?

Write to us, comment here. We try to read and respond to each mail and comment.


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  1. Hi there,

    As an anarchist I believe, that anarcho capitalism is the perfect plan B for those who are in control of the fiat system…!
    I am sure you heard that quote “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.” That doesn’t apply just to the fiat money but also to cryptocurrencies! The owner of the hotel is the owner of all the rooms…..who owns the internet?
    Some puzzle pieces missing but overall very good research!
    The men in small hats are not in you equation!

    I heard you live in Goa, as I do as well. Would love to meet personally and chat. Cheers


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