Existentialism is a tradition of philosophical enquiry that explores the nature of existence by emphasizing experience of the human subject – not merely the thinking subject, but the acting, feeling, living human individual. In the view of the existentialist, the individual’s starting point is characterized by what has been called “the existential angst” (or, variably, existential attitude, dread, etc.), or a sense of disorientation, confusion, or anxiety in the face of an apparently meaningless or absurd world. 

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I have a theory… I think there is a global pandemic. It’s not viral; it’s a mental and emotional pandemic spreading like a virus. It’s “mass hysteria”. It’s real. It’s a “mental illness”, and it is bigger than any plague.

Governments/globalists/elites are being exposed, left and right, for the harm they cause the masses; those elites are “ill”. What they have is called “Munchausen by proxy“. It is often a disease of narcissists. They harm or make others sick, in order to be a “caregiver” or a “saviour”; to bolster their own egos and inflate their own importance. It’s a SERIOUS illness, and very real. One can be brilliant; successful; powerful… and have a SERIOUS illness. Consider it: governments and wealthy, powerful people cause MOST of the problems, and then pretend to be the ones fixing them; for praise? Respect? Wealth? Power? It’s a sickness, and it’s on pandemic levels!

The people are sick too: Stockholm Syndrome. Regular people across the globe are OBVIOUSLY victims of these unrelenting plots and conspiracies, and yet governments, entertainers, media personalities, and elites of every ilk command the respect or deference of these people; respect for these very ill elites who play gods and rulers over the people’s lives, with devastating results; these elites who do it ALL for their own glory and enrichment. Thus, the “willing victims” have STOCKHOLM SYNDROME! If not for their own illusion of safety and instinctual prime directive for self-preservation, the people would not tolerate it. But, the people have been conditioned with “learned helplessness”; a byproduct of dependency, resulting from the steady erosion of self-reliance and the chipping away at individual liberty. The masses are being turned into sheep.

There are societal/social mental illnesses. When on such a grand scale, one description is “mass hysteria”. There are all sorts of ways for victims to get there, to become so ill: indoctrination and propaganda; fear and panic; lack of faith and hope, etc. There are lots of ways for abusers to get there, to an egotistical place of such illness, such illusions of grandeur: hidden in plain sight; disguised by glitz and glamour; masked with wealth or piety; bolstered by appearances and accolades; hiding behind awards, rewards, prizes, credentials, degrees, etc. Still, very very sick… Hidden in plain sight, usually up on pedestals!

Yes there is a pandemic, but it’s not a virus. It’s a wave of mental illness sweeping over the planet in real time. It’s a top-to-bottom pandemic of “mental illness”, infecting every class and every caste, helping to keep each in their places. Crazy suggestion, huh? Sounds NUTS, doesn’t it? It is. It really really is. It is ABSOLUTE madness.



Shared political leaning are not necessarily political. I would argue they’re spiritual. You can say it’s “common sense” to share the leanings, the values to which a majority would be ascribed, but good sense is not that common. Our “sense”, the way we’re using the term, is indoctrinated. We’re a product of all our nature and nurture, and piles of conditioning. I think that restless urge we each have toward truth, or that reluctance we have to continue believing that which harms us, is a protective instinct. It is, at least, an instinct that I think most humans have. But, it seems more than just an instinct. Instincts alone would prevent us from facing fear or danger head-on, and yet we “buck the system”, which can isolate us, cost us essential “social connection”, and even in extreme cases of “fighting the system”, can cost us our lives. Instincts alone would tend to prevent us from such potential harm.

So, I think our quest for knowledge, truth, and enlightenment goes a little deeper than instinct.  Obviously, I can not prove this, and so I say this as strictly a matter of faith and belief, but I believe spiritually, we are creatures of “light”; as such we yearn for truth. I suspect, because that quest can be so dangerous and risky, and because we choose (and feel compelled) to embrace it, that is evidence of a divine nature in humans; a “spirit”. Humans are odd creatures that way. We take unusual risks for ideas and beliefs; risks that would seem counter-intuitive to a deeply ingrained “survival instinct”. Why then would so many humans, such as you and I it seems, take such risks (even as little risk as social ridicule) as we do, in defiance of “self preservation”? It is a small evidence, but I feel it is evidence nonetheless. We do have a POWERFUL survival instinct, but it is not this body we’re protecting; it is our soul.


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Like all other animals, humans have an instinct, a biological imperative, toward self-preservation for the continuation of our species. The fact that we would risk or sacrifice much for a concept, like truth, suggests that etched into our consciousness is an imperative to preserve more than just our life and our body; but to protect our spirit above all else. Again, I cannot prove it. It falls under the category of “faith” and “belief”. But, even as I am writing it, I FEEL something in saying it that makes perfect sense.

Thus, politically, I am a libertarian. That political belief arises from the “spiritual” beliefs I just described. Because of ideas, just like the ones we find ourselves discussing here, people cannot discover “truth” and “light” under a blanket of force and coercion. There must be liberty; choice; agency; personal experience and natural consequences. As I’ve just described, there are “truths” one can only experience for themselves; because I can not “show you” or PROVE my “faith”; I can only share it. You must try it for yourself. It’s obvious why “collective” belief is so flawed. Look at the conflicts going on right now. Vaccines: who do you believe? Science: so MANY conflicting “opinions”! Political parties: truly, how does one sort the garbage? People have to be free to search for the truth themselves. People have to be free to share their stories, their successes, and their failures, and others have to have the same opportunity. It cannot be “forced”, or all any of us knows or believes, is what we’re told to know or believe. People being of “one heart” usually turns out well in spite of differences. People being of “one mind”? In my opinion, that is the root of all great atrocities in history. That is why, I believe, that the founders of the US so diligently protected the pursuit of happiness as an “individual liberty”. It’s because the search for truth and even belief, are so vital to the human condition, and that path is as individualized as our fingerprints or DNA.

So, politically, I call myself a “libertarian” and I defend individual liberty; because spiritually, I KNOW that is the only path toward “truth”. I’m a reasonably brilliant person, and I know I don’t have all the answers. I have made so many mistakes. I have been wrong so many times. But, with the freedom to do so, I continue to grow and learn. More importantly than that, with others having the same liberty, they continue to grow and learn, and I have the freedom to learn from them. That describes my entire “politically motivated” aversion to all forms of forced collectivism. It’s not actually “political” at all; really it’s spiritual. Forced or coerced collectivism in ALL its forms; monarchies, dictatorships, fascism, socialism, communism, Nazism; it’s all the same and all has the same result: it robs people of individual liberty, and the freedom to actually discover “truth”. And yet, we are so driven to find it, to be in the “light” of truth, we’ll contradict even our most basic survival maxims and imperatives, in search of and furtherance of truth. To me, that is evidence enough that we are spiritual beings, protecting something more important than just a body. That pursuit demands individual liberty.

By Jason Klepko



I am a restless soul with a penchant for adventure. Ever-curious for new experiences, I’ve worked many jobs, from carpentry and construction, to driving trucks and even crewing on commercial boats. My most satisfying jobs were as an Alaskan fishing guide and as a guide in the Florida Keys. One of my most rewarding jobs was being a counselor in a wilderness therapy program for at-risk youth and young adults, which appealed to my love of serving others and satisfied my passion for psychology and behaviorism. A lifetime of combatting and coping with anxiety and depression myself, fuels my compassion for others and my curiosity to know more about the workings of the human mind. Along with a lifelong pursuit of knowledge through personal study, I went back to school in my mid 30’s and studied psychology at the University of Central Arkansas. Human behavior and the human mind are among the subjects most fascinating to me.

A kind way of describing me would be to say I’m a thinker, a dreamer, and a wanderer, compelled by wonder and curiosity and a thirst for adventure. One could also argue, rather effectively, that my variety of jobs and directions in life might simply describe me as unstable, unsettled, unfocused. There might be truth in that, but when circumstances seem tedious or life begins losing its luster, I yearn for new horizons to explore. I never tire of asking the next question or exploring the next curiosity. I’ve lived a sometimes challenging, but rewarding life. I’ve sought to use my own mistakes, errors, and lessons as an opportunity to learn and grow, and I try to share the wisdom gained to serve others.

As elusive as objective and rational thought may be, I’m driven to discover it wherever it hides. I don’t think I’m alone in this: I haven’t found “true happiness”, contentment, or enlightenment yet, but I know it’s out there. I’ll keep looking. I’ll never have “all” the answers, but that doesn’t stop me searching for the ones I can find. Daily, I remind myself, “I’m only human”, and I’m in this world completely surrounded by a bunch of other “only humans” who seem consistently unaware of that simple fact; they too are ONLY human. While we’re all “only human”, flawed and prone to error, and often victims of our own egos, hubris, and individual cognitive dissonance, I also remind myself daily, what a magnificent and blessed thing it is to be “human”; even if… only.


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