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Editor’s NOTE

We are living in edgy times. In the face of so much destruction, devastation and chaos across our beautiful planet it is easy to feel overwhelmed and hopeless. Here at AEVA we find hope in the vast number of formidable Women and communities that are standing up, speaking out and envisioning ways through the insanity. Because these voices are rarely celebrated or given air time within mainstream media (without a particular spin that serves industry and government), and when increasingly ‘new media’ (true news) is censored on social media and the internet, the pages of AEVA are compiled to offer a platform to elevate these voices and to support the radical awakening of humanity and the dismantling of the old paradigm that is now imperative if we as a humanity are to sustain life on this planet we call Earth.

Now is the time.

At this juncture in history/herstory the preservation of life requires us all to be willing to look beyond what we are being sold by mainstream media/society, to step away from the comfort of our consumer mindset and to feel and see beneath the surface. Where mainstream media acts to curtail and control our grassroots activism and when most women’s magazines offer a drip feed of images and information designed to undermine our inherent beauty and worth to increase sales and consumption and keep us asleep, we at AEVA are offering something different; we honour the beauty and wisdom in every woman and recognise the strength and power we all have to effect change, we seek to unearth the voices of radical activists and to give a platform for their voices to be heard. Our pages serve to affirm and free us all from the false mental conditioning and notion of perfection sold to us by mainstream media.

Together we are an undeniable force, a power as ancient as the Earth herself. Together there is nothing our hearts will not achieve. Together we are and can change and challenge the face of Politics, Law, Education, Community and Family life, bringing the connected heart back into our world. No area of life will be left untouched. That which has been quieted, shut down and ignored is now awakening. Rumblings from the Earth mother’s belly herself, calling us to stand up and speak from our hearts, to dare to go against the grain and to vision big. Each voice is an inspiration and a support to our own. We believe in each other, help each other with that next step and through each woman’s unique story is reflected the true power and beauty of woman. Here at AEVA we are weaving the threads of these voices and strengthening our web in the creation of a just new world.

Yzabelaah Samahra Rose
Managing Editor
AEVA Magazine

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My writing in the CURRENT SUMMER/AUTUMN 2020 Edition:
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My essay on the great Indian Feminist and Human-Right’s Activist Medha Patkar, Co-Founder of NAPM – National Alliance of People’s Movements and Narmada Bachao Andolan

This incredible work, and labor of love, the 5th Edition of AEVA Magazine, is 122 pages(!) brim full with intellect-enriching and soul-nourishing content by some of the most formidable women, mothers; researchers; academics; fierce independent, investigative journalists; writers – and solution-based, deeply spiritual thinkers I’ve had the rare joy and pleasure to meet, interact with and learn from in these past months.

A real honour to be included in this profound line-up of my heroines, activists, and freedom-fighters.. rich and full of authentic #femalewisdom and a #balancedview
Deepti Datt

Here are excerpts from the pages of AEVA Magazine‘s 5th Edition …

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Dr. Andrew Wakefield on INTUITION

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