old quarterCONSPIRACY REALISTS | CIVILIANAIRE is all about conversations to engage the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.
We are living in transformational times. At CIVILIANAIRE we seek far beyond the edges, in the spontaneous, organic, heaving multitudes of multiplicities, possibilities and multipotentialities. We seek authenticity, over imagery. We seek to uplift our collective consciousness.
The interdisciplinary works featured at CIVILIANAIRE are explorations into the outlier edges, to shine the light and uncover the Truth.
CIVILIANAIRE does the work of exposure, not so you can give up or despair, but so you will know what you are up against, and prepare enabled with that knowledge. Information is power. The original meaning of the word “power” is not to “own” “oppress” “control” or “accumulate”; the original meaning of the word “power” is “the ability to create”. What will you create with this knowledge now? How will you act?
DISCLAIMER: If you cannot handle the surface scratched, then turn back now. ALL bets are off. Consider yourself duly warned.
For the rest of us still standing, WELCOME! We are in times which gift us the opportunity to consciously unplug from the wetiko-led trajectory of collective, critical-mass illusion. Let’s get on with decolonizing our minds, and with discerning, creating and participating in the zeitgeist.
Millionaire? Billionaire? We are aiming for Civilianaire … Let’s get there…


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