Many are called, few choose to answer …

Over the past three years, ever more people have become aware of the malice in our world, and have started to question the status quo. There is a paradox and silver lining in this, our current human condition. The ongoing attempted entrapment of humanity by ‘the powers that be’, based on narratives, lies, deceits and overwhelmingly based on the falsehood of ‘woke’ ideologies, has triggered an “awakening”.

INTERSTELLAR ICONOCLASTS ▼ Space And Indian Women : Traversing Far Out Beyond The Final Frontiers // SERIES : 1

Space and Indian Women : Traversing far out beyond the final frontiers // series : 1

Functional Art: Photography & Lighting Design

Conceptual photography and light box art transverse each others trajectory into digital modernity, and into the present evolution as functional art and lighting design.
Gallerist and Art Advisory in DerbeLight, a Hamburg artists collective, Deepti Datt creates light installations. Her 64 YOGINI project reimagines the visual feminine in mainstream media, an interpretive way of seeing the global re-emergence of classical, divine, feminine archetypes. |