KOOLAID and how we got played

Since 2016 will be marked as the year which proved the veracity of far too many conjectures, previously known as conspiracy theories, my proposal may not be too far off the mark here. Social media is trending with it, talk radio is discussing it and it won’t be long before it makes it to the msm (not). So let’s roll with it.


It happened like this:  reeling off, yet another, raging fb debate on the Donster, between a flock of fecund feminists fired-up from the marches – there it was, plain as day to see.


Talk of an impeachment seems an increasingly imminent consideration, and we are faced with the inevitability of Mike Pence as POTUS.


But WHAT IF the plan WAS, in fact, ALWAYS to have Pence in there as POTUS?

Let’s just chew on this for a bit.

We know that a mass global awakening is on – consciousness raising, rabble rousing, revolution brewing, evolution of humankind. And it is an awakening of the feminine paradigm in us all, men and women both, the next piece of our evolutionary biopuzzle coming in for a landing. No argument there right? You know it, we can all feel it happening, it’s palpable.

So WHAT IF enough of the heaving masses, especially of the female persuasion, caught up in this evolutionary swirl, are starting to rub their eyes and awaken from the somnambulism of pretty much like a few centuries now – going back maybe even as far as, I don’t know let’s pick a random year, say 1492.

Eyes-wide-open folk scare the system. Seeing through the infinitely layered Establishment game, awoke folk will count their numbers and be like “Wait a minute! There’s more of us than there is of them! Let’s get ‘em!


A real revolution in America, of the people, by the people, for the people, that’s pretty heavy duty stuff for the Establishment – “we can’t have that, no way” says the system. Just ask BERNIE SANDERS… before he began capitulating to “I’M WITH HER”, even though the ENTIRE country was seemingly with him. Did you find that weird? The Establishment doesn’t fuck around yo… they made Bernie step off so he wouldn’t feel their burn.

No, the Establishment needed a whole new kind of wool to pull over said opening eyes of what they consider sheeple – PLAN – and they got to work.

The collective THEY – Clintons, Obamas, Bushes, Gores, Toyota-driving-House-of-Saud-funded-gangs, George Clooney, and all the other what-have-you’s of the big, global, neocon, game – got together in Davos, or some other icy escalation which normal folks would have to strap on oxygen tanks to breach (or breathe), and hatched their plot.

“Even George Clooney?” you ask?  Yep, you think the WHITE HELMETS movie about Syria just came out of creative inspiration?  Go wag your dog.

“But what about Democrats? Republicans? Our two party system? Elections? Choice? Our choice?!” you ask? Yeah… that “choice” thing, hmnn… did you hear that? That was the sound of a binary bubble bursting. There is no blue or red behind the opacity of Establishment machinations. They all be collectively purple. But the masses – by design – are rendered colourblind to that spectrum of discernment. Is it mere coincidence that the colour of ‘royalty’ is purple? Think about it. No really. Anyway, back to the plot THEY hatched…

The Establishment got a trial run with facing down the start of a promising revolution in the OCCUPY MOVEMENT.  Insidiously, fatally – and from the inside – they neutralized that ebullient uprising of awakening, youthful energy.

ASSANGE, MANNING and SNOWDEN have been made examples to scare the living daylight out of anyone who dares to step out of line. The ominous message is loud and clear: “Behave, or else PAMELA ANDERSON is gonna visit YOU in the closet-sized room of a Latin American embassy – WITH a vegan sandwich. Dig?


STANDING ROCK – which, by the way folks, is a LIVE and VIBRANT REVOLUTION – presents the Establishment with a BIG problem. They’ve pulled out all the stops – mace, water jets, sound canons, riot gear, containment, inciting violence from the inside, rubber bullets, you name it. But they haven’t managed to shove it under the rug or shut it down. STANDING ROCK began as a prayer by women. And STANDING ROCK has a lot of answers for what is coming on a global scale. Learn from the First Nation peoples of Turtle Island, they have YAY big wisdom to give. And they are STILL STANDING!


With this awakening population, and the chance of a real, conscious uprising, the Establishment knew they would need to DIVERT this revolutionary, eye-opening fervour by throwing out a righteously malevolent DECOY.  They needed THE bad guy of all bad guys, ‘pon whom all that potent people-power energy would dissipate. They needed to groom a single PERSONALITY to play out a narrative that would trigger any, sane, rationale, thinking, feeling person to come totally unhinged. Especially and specifically women, in whom the integral, intuitive power of awakening is churning. This PERSONALITY would have to be SO HEINOUS that ANY lesser evil replacement would do, ANYONE at all. We would be herded into such OUTRAGE that to oust him would become the only conceivable outcome.

The theatre of American politics called for nothing less than a feral reality tv actor who could play the part.

Enter the Donald. President… by a popular vote burgeoning in the millions.


The Donmeister. He of the Combed-out-Quiff. The mighty Orange One, armed and dangerous, with the most terrifying WMD of all, anywhere, ever, right at his fat fingertips: the twitter handle @realDonaldTrump

And off he was sent to make his mischief: befriend our sworn enemies (Putin likes Trump ‘cuz he’s got a hot Tyolka, you know it AND the boys have got an oil deal incubating in the war-zone corridors of the Middle East); “insult” and “molest” women; jab his short fingers at everybody; defund Planned Parenthood (oh the horror!); call CNN fake (ummm…yeah that one works..); deny climate change (also works..); give-ugly-face, shout, scream, rant and whip it – WHIP IT GOOD. Whip it all up into a frenzy and BOOM Saturday, JANUARY 21st, 2017 happens – a day that will go down as one of the largest gatherings of protest in US history. We turned it out. Boy did we ever. We showed our numbers. We showed our power. We showed our epic. We showed our massive. And not one, single, arrest. Anywhere. At all.

SWAT teams are known to raid and arrest loan defaulters. A woman is charged for growing vegetables in her garden. A guy in LA, for growing carrots in his front yard. Arrested! For growing carrots!  MADONNA says she wants to BLOW UP THE WHITE HOUSE!  In Washington D.C.!  On the Mall!  Her target a stone’s throw away from the stage on which she issued this terrorist edict!  And NOTHING. Not a SINGLE arrest. Think about that.


Think about where all our powerful, churning, revolutionary energy was duly DIRECTED.   * I have never witnessed so many, otherwise rational, men and women say “I HATE HIM!” with such vested venom. Think about the FOCUS the Establishment has GARNERED to DISTRACT and DIVERT the power of our emotion, the power of our attention, AWAY and onto this one PERSONALITY.

January 21st happened because it was planned to happen. And it was planned to play out just as it did. We got played.


Next up, AgentOrange is going to be divested of his financial records. More women will show up to sue him for sexual assaults. More muck will be raked – drip feeding the right dosage – on the cover of the New York Times, out the talking heads of the ‘real news’ channels. We will rage and fume – all our revolutionary people-power will be directed at this one Establishment patsy. And, finally, he will be impeached. The righteous and just conclusive end which we will all cheer – as we did Gaddafi’s (?… yeah.. ummm…) – and the Orange scourge in our midst will be quelled, annulled.

The staged theatre of American politics will entertain, amaze, repulse, rinse and repeat. But, once again, our great liberal, melting pot myth will be restored.


They knew we would no longer ‘elect’ the standard issue white-male-candidate.  Not after they gave us the incredibly affable, albeit incredibly violent, Obama, and played the first Black POTUS card. They tried on the fierce diversion of Pantsuit Nation and played the first female POTUS card – which tanked in the face of Bernie Sanders’ awakening-grass-roots movement. And so they have given us, now, the far-too-easy-to-hate Trump card. They will play out the narrative – we will have our impeachment of the patsy POTUS. We will have our “revolution”.  And our “revolution” will have “worked”.  Decency will return to our nation. And they will get their selected, chosen man at the helm.

Pence – on plan – will be anointed the new, default, POTUS. Rome had nothin’ on this.

‘Sane’, ‘suited’, ‘decent’ Pence, will keep on keeping on what every POTUS before him always has. Pence will perform to his masters beckoning. Pence will continue the hallowed Presidential traditions: suck oil & burn coal; increase military spending; start that war with the Russians already; kill more brown folk around the world; bomb women and children; attempt to incarcerate more Indian women for owning their bodies (sheeeeez!); collateral damage the fuck out of any sovereign nation that does not bend to our will, and make alliances with the nations that do; yadda, yadda, yadda, you know the score. Conservative, Republican, party man Pence will continue to assure the revenue stream to the military industrial complex stays on point. Pence will do right by the Establishment. Because Pence was always the Establishment plan.

Selected, trained and groomed for the role, the POTUS is the FRONT MAN who sings us the sweet lullaby to keep us asleep, while the Establishment carries on BUSINESS AS USUAL. It is the front man’s job to be the Daddy, and his partner the Mommy, the saviours we all came up believing we need, in order to exist on this abundant, beautiful, bounteous planet – our real Mother.

It was all a game folks – heads they win – tails you lose.


Wake-up time. Your eyes to see, your intuition to guide you, your heart to lead. No more the illusion of Dad and Mom in the White House. That part of our evolutionary journey is, clearly, over.


We would really like to hear from you. Are we circling the peripheral edges of the grand scheme here? Or have we lost the plot? What do you think? What do you feel? Comment below – we read every one.


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  1. I loved this article! Conspiracy or not, it is the first thing I’ve encountered that actually makes sense. We need to shift our focus and energy to the crux of this matter. Your article gives plenty of clues as to where to start. Thanks! Peace.

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  2. Nailed it DD! The perspective you painted becomes more & more apparent by the day… All the world’s a stage… And all the men & women merely players…

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  3. D … what I know, is that I just don’t know! What’s happening makes House of Cards look tame and that alone says a lot about the situation across our border. The Pence option is one of many that could, or could not be part of the bigger plot – some say conspiracy but I say its a shit-show in ‘Merica! Your guess is as good as mine, or anyone’s for that matter. The fact is, we somehow got to this point and it leaves me and many others wondering how the hell did that happen? Maybe we got played, I don’t know – for all we know Bannon could be the real king maker? All I know for sure is that its a shit-show and God help America and the rest of the world!

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    1. Past the “They” “us” binary is perhaps where solutions invite us? In this “resistance” so ensued since I wrote this article, what in fact is accomplished? “What we resist persists”? “Resist” “resistance” are interesting words – and their implications massive in the landscapes of what we are seeking to change – of that which is seeking to emerge through us; I suspect, more each day, that our awakening is looking to an “allowance” of what we do want, rather than a “resistance” of what we don’t.
      Thanks for reading and commenting MrJones


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