KNOWLEDGE IS A WEAPON. ARM YOURSELF. Part III: EXPOSÉ on WEF ‘Great Reset’ behind India Farm Bills, the ‘Toolkit Conspiracy’ and the Co-opting of Media Narrative in Real Time.

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Marshall McLuhan was a Canadian media theorist. In his book, The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man and Understanding Media, he coined the term “global village” to describe the feedback loop between media and society.
Understanding Media, first published in 1964, focuses on the media effects that permeate society and culture, but McLuhan’s starting point is always the individual, because he defines media as technological extensions of the body. As a result, McLuhan often puts his inquiry and his conclusions in terms of the ratio between the physical senses (the extent to which we depend on them relative to each other) and the consequences of modifications to that ratio. This invariably entails a psychological dimension. Thus, the invention of the alphabet and the resulting intensification of the visual sense in the communication process gave sight priority over hearing, but the effect was so powerful that it went beyond communication through language to reshape literate society’s conception and use of space. 
From the Estate of Marshall McLuhan

The media machine is at work spinning a narrative into the spheres of perception. Head-spin-feedback-loop on hyperdrive, it launches fictions, conflated with selected facts, just enough to make it all believable. This molotov-cocktail – shrapnel of facts, volley of fictions – is lobbed, on the daily, bombarded at the tenderized brain of a compliant media consumer: You.

Your attention is bludgeoned with the narrative du jour which your overlords, the corporatocracy, want you to believe, need you to believe, in order to achieve their agenda: global domination, no less. You might disagree with this agenda, since you are not included in it – therefore, while said agenda is consolidated, a front-facing image is presented: pristine, progressive, “we’re all in this together“.

Be sure this trickle-down ‘togetherness’ is no more than just that, image to serve agenda. “Global domination” necessitates complete control – totalitarian control. The ruling class, corporatocracy, deploys what has been widely known as the ‘fourth pillar of society’ – the press, the ‘news’, media, the “4th Estate” – to achieve its agenda. For a society that is built on narrative versus truth, primacy of function goes to media – it becomes the “First Estate”. That is us, here and now – the global village – owned and operated by corporatocracy, and run on media narrative.

Narrative managers, the mainstream media spin doctors, churn out media news cycle, on repeat. They have you vested in and believing their skew on things – even as facts opposing that skew may roll out before your eyes. You will not look beyond what is being fed to you through media – and you become the repository of a version of reality – not a sovereign being in direct and visceral experience of it. You accept the narrative you are told, and you believe what you are told is what is ‘real’ – even as the facts roll out before your eyes. Such is the hypnotic and magic power of narrative.. it has you owned.

Pumping out narrative – happens all day, every day, everywhere, all the time

As an example, recall the Biden/Ukraine/NYPost/Silicon-Valley-Stasi controversy, during the most recent show of the “US election”?

NY Post published proof of the Bidens’ ‘financial dealings’ in the Ukraine – but the voting public were blocked from seeing the post and story, in a crucial time of the “US Election” during which the exposé would have impacted their decision for one candidate, over the other. The TechBros, the SiliconValley Stasi, blocked and censored the story. They had a horse in the race after all, and they had to assure it ‘won’.

That NYPost story link became post-able – AlGoreRiddim was “unblocked” – only after the “US election” was all done and dusted. And Biden had “won”.

This episode of real world events is now listed in Wikipedia as a “conspiracy theory” – history has been re-written to retro-fit a version of the story. Facts are skewed to fulfil agenda, truth manipulated into narrative.

See how that was done? You may not remember. That is how media cycles work.

Here in India, since 2014, an alarming trend has further escalated in parallel to the Farmers Protest: journalists are arrested, beaten, jailed, disappeared and assassinated for going up against the establishment, and for reporting facts. Journalist Mandeep Puniya was picked up by police from the Singhu Border encampment site, where he has been reporting from early days of the Protest. Puniya was beaten severely in the notorious Tihar jail – he made living-art of his wounds, writing in his cell about the experience on his marked and bruised legs.

Puniya interviewed his cell mates, swept up in ongoing mass arrests – farmers, retired octogenarian military veterans, even Delhi shopkeepers – none of whom had been told why they were being held. After his release, Puniya has been vocal, encouraging calls for the release of other jailed journalists like Siddiqui Kappan as well. Moral courage is easy to discern – right action is easy to discern – truth is easy to discern – honest journalists are easy to discern.

Narrative managers (or those used as such by the establishment) require a more critical observation to identify – one pointer: albeit purposefully or inadvertently, they will be the ones amplifying the oligarchy’s forever tactic “divide and conquer”, while under the banner of progressivism. Narrative managers are conspicuous as the ones churning out the baseline of division and hate. “Hindus vs Muslims” is the rote favourite of India’s narrative managers – and this, even as the Farmers Protests have further united the prevailing dynamic of multitudinous co-existence for which India is renown – Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Dalit, one and all committed to the real forever common cause: People against the Establishment.

NDTV’s respected Ravish Kumar floated the Indian moniker for the Lapdog Theory of Journalism

Opinion columnist Rana Ayyub is adroit at flogging the “Hindu/Muslim divide” narrative. After her admittedly formidable, undercover, fact-finding mission of a book, exposing the Modi/Shah pogrom [Gujarat Files: Anatomy Of A Cover Up], Ayyub seems regrettably unable to evolve as a journalist. She continues to churn out that divisive baseline drone, article after article, maintaining relevance via sensationalized, and dangerously baiting, identity politics. Ayyub’s most recent piece in WaPo proposes a scenario which not a single, thinking person in India would want to see, imagine, or even consider as conceivable – that of the extremist “Yogi Adityanath as India’s next PM” – yet there it is, horrifically plastered across our collective consciousness via Ayyub’s framing.

stoking communal polarization” provocation common to the Yogi and Ayyub

The comments section, increasingly the most insightful component of mainstream media, throws up an astute analysis of Ayyub as a narrative manager:

Für Ihre Sicherheit“- “It’s for your safety” was the Nazi narrative – their version of reality. The SiliconValley Stasi say the same of their censorship now – it is ‘to protect you’ from “false information”. The TechBros cut out anything and everything that does not fall in line with their version of reality. You are only allowed to access information that feeds into their narrative. That’s it. Everything else is “fact checked” and deleted – scrubbed from the internet and entirely from history and collective memories. The ruling class have been at this, manipulating narrative and our collective human stories, for a very long time.

[LINK to slideshow article: leave a comment, and we’ll share it to you – we have to navigate around “fact checkers”]

The self-appointed corporate overloads are highly skilled and accomplished at spinning narratives – its the crux of their game. Bait and switch is another psychological ploy of manipulation in the toolkit of control.

Speaking of “toolkits”, one of these innocuous, project planning, admin documents – namely Greta Thunberg’s “toolkit” google doc, in an [allegedly] ‘accidental’ tweet by the Swedish ‘climate activist’, teenage, global-celebrity – has now got a young woman in India arrested. This ‘accidental’ tweet may land Disha Ravi, an Indian climate activist, a life-sentence for the charge of sedition.

The world’s biggest democracy is spinning out of control. Researcher Rupa Subramanya writes “a clutch of billionaire cronies are growing richer at everyone else’s expense” – and “Modi risks turning India into a nation of gangster capitalists” [Nikkei] – or said another way, if we were honest, “India risks turning into a fascist corporatocracy”, if it isn’t already. India’s billionaire class have stopped even pretending to care about the “plebs”, it’s all about “we’ll own everything and we’ll be happy“.

Meanwhile in the world’s biggest democracy, the world’s biggest protest is on its 89th day at the time of this writing. An estimated one million+ farmers and workers are gathered at all the major highway route entries into Delhi, demanding the repeal of 3 Farm Bills, pushed through despite opposition protest, and without parliamentary due process, during India’s brutal lockdowns of 2020. The response to the Farmers Protest from India’s regime is to go on a bender of arrests – specifically targeting young, twenty-something, women dissidents and grass-roots activists.

Shattering narrative – the case of Nodeep Kaur

Nodeep Kaur, a 23yr old workers rights activist, was dragged out of her tent by the Haryana Police at the Singhu Border protest encampment site on January 12, 2021. She is still held in state incarceration, in what the High Court has now stated is an “illegal confinement”. She has been violently and sexually abused in state custody, refused bail, and is charged with sedition – amongst a list of charges which, if convicted, can carry a life sentence, and even a death sentence.

Her actual crime? Nodeep Kaur is a smart, enlightened, aware young woman – replete with powerfully strong and admirable leadership qualities; she spoke out, informed, educated, and was able to gather and inspire thousands of workers to rise up against the intolerable injustices of the corporatocracy.

Nodeep Kaur went against and exposed the lies of state narrative – this is her real ‘crime’ – and for this she has been horrifically punished and made to pay the price with her innocence and embodiment. Let’s be very clear: the treatment of its women continues to be India’s most glaring shame at home and on the world stage.

“RELEASE Nodeep Kaur” should be our only national anthem in this time!

“Nodeep Kaur is a part of Majdoor Adhikar Sanghatan (MAS), an organisation of workers in Kundli. During the lockdown, MAS mobilised workers to demand basic provisions from the State. After the lockdown was lifted, they started taking up cases of unpaid wages and labour law violations. Nodeep has been among the few taking up cases of exploitation of women workers in the area.”


Like Bhagat Singh, Ché Guevara and Malcolm X, one day we will speak about Nodeep Kaur with the same awe and pride – if we do not already. Nodeep Kaur is a revolutionary hero amongst the bravest of them. She acted with a moral courage not just rare to find in a young woman of her age – but which is the finest evolution of consciousness – selfless moral courage. Nodeep Kaur is deserving of every praise and pride of place in the stories about humanity which will be told about these our times.

Creating narrative – the case of Disha Ravi

And then we have the case of the young, 22yr old woman from Bengaluru, Disha Ravi. A victim if there ever was one, ensnared in a game far bigger than the local “climate change” activism she believes in and was involved in promoting. Disha Ravi describes herself as co-founder of Fridays For Future. Disha is arrested, jailed and facing a potential life sentence for her collusion with “Greta Thunberg”.

WEF, Ingmar Rentzhog/’We Don’t Have Time’ and PR Agency Purpose created the “climate strikes’ PR campaign – and the Greta Thunberg persona – to manufacture consent, your consent. “Fridays for Future school strikes” and Extinction Rebellion [XR global] are PR machinations in the ‘green’ and climate-activism projects. These PR campaigns parasite-off authentic, organic, grassroots people’s movements – infiltrate, co-opt and steer that groundswell instead to serve the agenda of their corporate clients – the very ones against whom the movement would have been started.

The arsenal deployed is that of social-influencers/’eco-warrior’-‘social-justice’-celebrities, all to manufacture your consent; because if you knew what you were really signing up for, you wouldn’t.


Celebrity worship by the masses has great value for creating narrative. Celebrity culture is deployed as Pied-Piperism to co-opt genuine uprisings, neutralize the original intent, and steer it back to serve ruling-class agenda. The co-opting of BLM, Antifa, Hong Kong protests, Bolivia protests are examples, the “green new deal” another – and the “Arab Spring”, “colour revolutions”. This is controlled opposition. The genuine, organic, grassroots movement is infiltrated, then orchestrated and steered to serve the very agenda against which the uprising began.

In the big ‘climate emergency’ narrative, it is corporations themselves who are the most damaging, impact polluters on the planet – corporations which comprise: the Military Industrial Complex, the Non-Profit Industrial Complex, the Climate Change Industrial Complex, the Pandemic Industrial Complex – all of them will “never let a good crisis go to waste” and will always, all ways, find a way to ‘monetize‘ anything that can’t “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE” away from them.

It gets better.. Question: How does the corporatocracy propose to solve the ‘climate change’ problems they create? Answer: Fly to Davos on a private jet [..because billionaires flatulate carbon credits?], consult with a Swedish teenager on her ostensible expertise about “global warming” – then extol how [their own PR-creation] “Greta” has them whipped, and may solve the purported “climate crisis” by her now famous “How dare you?” warbled in vibrato [mom is an opera singer].

The WEF/IngmarRentzog/Purpose manufactured, “Greta Thunberg” PR campaign may not quite work as effectively in India, as it has in the global north, however. Thankfully, most of India’s majority non-metro, non-urban population is still real and intact, with direct, clear perception, rural, earthy wisdom – and the instinctive ability to “smell a rat”… even one veiled in the expensive perfume of ‘sustainability’.

Dominic Green, PhD, book author, critic, historian and deputy editor of The Spectator’s US edition writes:

” ‘You come to us young people for hope? How dare you!’ Greta says, as if she’s been reading Nietzsche on her boat trip cross the Atlantic. [.] But the people she cites are explicit that economic growth must be stopped, and population growth too. No air-conditioners for the Indians, no children for the Africans. [.] ‘saving’ of the planet on terms amenable to wealthy white lefties will require population control — in effect, a global program for the sterilization of non-white women. Greta, of course, doesn’t talk about the dirty stuff.”

Pumping out narrative – happening in India, big time, in real time

SCROLL through – let’s first look at the ‘front’ and public-facing, national “godi” media and mainstream media version of the Disha Ravi/Greta Thunberg/Toolkit story – the narrative that is being spun out:

Slides LINKS : Times of India | Free Press Journal | Vox | DNA India

The GretaThunberg-Account [managed by her father, Svante Thunberg and handlers; ref: Express Newspaper] “mistakenly” posted a “Toolkit” document with a tweet on Feb 3rd, 2021.

Hours later the GretaThunberg-Account deleted that Twitter post – but not before the tweet and the “Toolkit” attachment had been screen-shot, downloaded, archived, saved, shared several thousand times over – and a right-wing furore began raging in India [or was made to] along the lines of this narrative: “Swedish teenager colludes with Sikh separatists from Canada and local anti-national activists to attack India and overthrow the Indian government.” The narrative managers were at work – the spin was in.

The Print | .. the spin is in..

That GretaThunberg-Account’s tweet became the basis on which the Delhi Police arrested 22yr old Disha Ravi, “climate activist” and co-creator/editor/disseminator of the “Toolkit”. Disha Ravi is now facing charges of sedition (life/death sentence) and plotting to overthrow the Indian government (life/death sentence) in the list – which includes the charge of planning the ‘anti-national violence’ and ‘flag fiasco’ at Lal Quila/Red Fort on Republic Day Jan 26th, 2021.

Ongoing investigation by Delhi Police, the media-narrative-spin reports, leads to a digital-trail of whatsapp groups, zoom calls, telegram chats, google docs ++ where the [alleged] “antinational” and “separatist” plot to “overthrow the Indian government” [with a “toolkit” mind you] was conspired across Bangalore, Sweden and Canada. The Delhi Police further divulged that upto ninety suspected ‘activists’ and ‘anti-nationals” are involved in this [alleged] “global conspiracy against India”. That’s the story, as reported ad infinitum, by mainstream media bleeting itself hoarse with cross-channel, media-spin, news-cycle repetition.

Sounds absurd doesn’t it? But it may not be too far from the truth… once we unravel the obfuscations and get behind the real story instead of following the skew of narrative.

Creating narrative in real time – behind-the-scenes on the case of Disha Ravi

Let’s have a look at what may be driving the “Disha Ravi case” behind-the-scenes – and how the “Disha Ravi” + “GretaThunberg” + “Toolkit” narrative is being created in real time – even as the facts may roll out before your eyes… and just not match up.

Let’s consider analysis from a different angle of approach, based on facts, which may challenge the mainstream media’s running narrative on the “Disha Ravi case” – and which may perhaps reveal that you are, in fact, being fed a narrative in hyper-drive – versus a factual scenario of what may be the bigger and more “newsworthy” story.

The real story, about the actual all-out attack taking place on India and her people, currently involves a curiously beady-eyed and greedy quartet of powermadmen – installed at the very highest levels and positions inside the country. The real story has these local, power-mad functionaries jumping to the commands of a wetiko-drunk predator class who ‘run the script’ on a racialized, neocolonial global project which is far more nefarious than anything you could imagine. This predator class operates from apex positions inherited and occupied across generations, through millenia.

“Greta Thunberg” is but one instrument in a toolkit for control of the global narrative.

GretaThunberg-social-media-accounts, Greta’s father Svante Thunberg, Greta’s handlers and Purpose, the PR agency, comprise a team behind a sophisticated, highly financed and precision-lead, global, campaign construct that is the “Greta Thunberg” public persona.

The GretaThunberg-Account DOES NOT tweet “accidentally”. The GretaThunberg-Account DOES NOT make “mistakes”.

Consider this: how about the [alleged] “mistakenly” “accidentally” posted “Toolkit” tweet was no accidental mistake at all – but was meant to elicit EXACTLY the results that it has?

Checklist – What are some outcomes from Godi media’s “Greta + Toolkit Conspiracy Theory“?

a) Shift focus away from the Farmers Protest AND attempt to co-opt + conflate India’s grassroots uprising with the “Greta/climate change” narrative – subsume and compromise a genuine People’s movement. ✔︎

b) Arrest “climate activist”, create sensational impact issue of conspiracy to overthrow India’s government, co-opt media attention out from under the Farmers, and away from the base-cause of the movement, to repeal the 3 Farm Bills. ✔︎

c) Actor Deep Sidhu, who was first outed as a regime-insider, then reported as the actual culprit/agent behind the Republic Day fiasco – then arrested for his role in the Republic Day violence (news went viral) – and who then retorted with accusing the “police and government of laying a trap” to discredit the Farmers movement. And now? Deep Sidhu is in state custody, disappeared from headlines, from media-attention and his case forgotten amidst the primacy of the “Toolkit conspiracy”, short attention-spans and new, media-spin cycle. ✔︎

Slide LINKS : Amar Ujwala | Hindustan Times | Tribune India

d) Aam Admi Party is the ruling party of the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Senior AAP leader Saurabh Bhardwaj convened an explosive press conference exposing the “goons” who attacked and beat protestors inside the Singhu Border encampment site as more regime insiders. AAP head Arvind Kejriwal has been a vocal supporter of the Farmers Protest and critical of the regime. Kejriwal now finds himself accused of connections with activist and lawyer Nikita Jacob, another young woman on the “Toolkit” arrest list. AAP finds itself conflated with an “AntiNational agenda” and calls from the right-wing-extremist-social-media-brigade for the political party to be disbanded. ✔︎

Aam Admi Party Senior Leader Saurabh Bhardwaj Press Conference

e) Republic TV ‘news anchor’ Arnab Goswami’s leaked WhatsApp chats outed him as yet another regime insider, with advance access to confidential and clearance-based military and state information. The leaked info implies the forty soldiers who lost their lives in Pulwama may have been deaths not in a military attack, but for an electioneering stunt. The case is an ongoing Mumbai Police investigation – it is telling that Goswami is “not on the list of accused in this case”. The searing controversy which followed the leak was also justifiably viral/trending, and has also been swiped away from prominence and public enquiry, lost amidst the “Toolkit” news cycle spin. ✔︎

Slides LINKS : Outlook India | EastMojo | Saama TV

So many problematic and damning birds flying at the establishment orchestrations, seemingly killed with the one “Toolkit” stone. ✔︎✔︎

A “masterstroke” as the regime is often credited to wield by its cadre of devotees? Sure, the “Toolkit” Conspiracy is a runaway success as mainstream media distraction from the Farmers Protest. And here we can lean into Professor McLuhan’s media theories, paraphrased for modernity: anytime the media collectively go ballistic on any single story, with a united and singular skew, on repeat – you can bet the baying is to distract you from a much bigger story – the one you are to be kept from seeing or knowing, by distraction and by design.

Conflating the Farmers Protest reality to the “climate change” narrative

Disha Ravi is not an activist heroine, as the mainstream media would insist on having you believe. The GretaThunberg-lead “youth climate justice action” is not heroic, because the “movement” is based on a false premise and created by public relations teams to achieve corporatist agenda. “Greta” and the ‘climate change’ narrative is aimed and effective on the susceptible upper-middle-privileged classes of India – like Disha Ravi, their sincere, well intentioned rise to “save the planet” is a response to a meticulously crafted project, derived from precisely studied data metrics. The very corporates who are the cause of problems cited by “climate change” are also running the “climate justice” narrative. As happened with BLM, Antifa, Hong Kong, Bolivia++ … India’s peoples uprising too is now fraught with not just the danger but the actual attempts of usurping and co-opting of its Farmers Protest.

Slides LINKS : Newsclick | Greta Thunberg, Green Barbarism and Why #ClimateStrike is against the interests of the Indian working class.

Genuine movements do get co-opted for political purposes, for control, and mostly when the ruling classes can no longer manage the “we are few, they are many” reality of an authentic Peoples uprising.

No doubt Disha Ravi does believe, as must all of Greta Thunberg’s youth following, that selfie-opp acts like the performative donning of red gowns and marching with chalk-white painted faces (as XR did), for instance, will somehow change or impact the “climate”. Adherents of “climate justice” fail to see the irony, even of the materials used for costumes, placards, wood, paint, the car/bus/train/plane they rode to the sit-in… all of it. As Vladimir Putin famously said of Greta’s “how dare you” speech:

“Nobody explained to Greta that the modern world is complicated and complex, it changes fast. People in Africa and in many Asian countries want to be as wealthy as people in Sweden. How can it be done? By making them use solar energy, which is plentiful in Africa? Has anyone explained the cost of it?”

The creators of the “climate justice” PR campaign know the metrics of the vanguard they create well – and they know how to manipulate the performative emotions of the ‘climate justice warriors’ to feel like they have “done something” to “save the planet”. “I suspect the sight of cameras and policemen gives these people a heightened sense of self-importance.” (Express)

This is likely the kind of psychological manipulation which garnered the susceptible, upper middle-class, and privileged, urban/educated Disha Ravi to sign up for Fridays For Future and Extinction Rebellion in India. Disha Ravi is now not more than fodder for the globalist ploy that is actually at play behind the entire “Toolkit” narrative.

Disha Ravi – and anyone who is buying into or signing up for it – is no more than fodder for the globalist ploy that is actually at play behind the “climate change” narrative.

And the same can be said of all who are easily rounded-up for the globalist ploy that is actually at play behind the “celebrity entré because they care about the Farmers Protest” narrative.

Have you noticed how the prevalent mainstream media narrative has changed direction?
Have you noticed how the story of the Farmers Protest is relegated to a paragraph under the starring role of the Disha/Greta/Toolkit narrative in mainstream media?
Have you noticed how the Farmers Protest storytelling has been co-opted and steered to the Disha Ravi/Greta Thunberg/Toolkit narrative?
Have you seen the mainstream media, not just in India but in international press as well, move the story away from the Farmers Protest as primary cause – and give over headlines and content to Disha Ravi/Greta Thunberg/Toolkit narrative? Are you able to see what is happening?
This is how the co-opting of a movement begins – this is how it is done – by the creation of a narrative… even as the facts roll out before your eyes.

Qui Bono?

It is imperative now to step out, and away from media-created narratives – it is imperative not to buy into the prevalent jingoism and political games behind the Toolkit narrative that is being spun out. The narrative being fed through the media-frenzy behind the Disha Ravi / Toolkit case is wielded by the same gang of globalists whom India’s regime serves. The only obstacle standing in the way of these necromancers is the Farmers Protest – they have tried everything to end it – and nothing has worked so far. While the regime shouts “Hindutva and nationalism” from the rooftops and into every corner of India’s susceptible bourgeoise occupied corners – it is no more than a ploy – be sure, the regime serves the very same globalist masters who’s goal it is to see India perish and capitulate to the globalist, unipolar, one-world governance – yes, WEF’s “Great Reset” agenda.

While the US establishment may be a part of the WEF/Great Reset oligarchy (slide 3) – 87 Farmers Unions from the US have come forward in solidarity with our Kisan Andolan (slide 1&2). The Farmers, the Workers, the People of the US, are no different than the People of India, and clearly able to see the true battle that is being fought and kudos to them for standing up in right action. The forever cause is and has always been: People against the Establishment. “We have great respect for the unified struggles the farmers and farmworkers of Samyukt Kisan Morcha have built, and we stand with them,” the unions announced“.

Slide LINKS : The Wire (slide 1&2) | Newsclick India (slide 3)

Stand with our Annadaatas, our Food Providers. Stand with our Farmers. In the great spiritual war that is taking place, the people versus the establishment, our Farmers, their families, their Elders, their children, they are the front line in this battle. Stand with our Farmers. If there is food on your plate today, send a prayer of gratitude to the people who toiled in hard labour to bring that to your table – and send a prayer of protection for them in this battle.

The Farmers and Workers of India, these brave people are fighting for all our futures. Guided by right action and moral courage, these are the people who have risen against what seeks to own and enslave us. These people, our Farmers, are all that stand between us and the final takeover by the globalist necromancer corporatocracy in their attempts at a “great reset”.

Stand with our Farmers – but question EVERYTHING that seeks to represent, co-opt, present as “on behalf of” – question any “celebrity entrant”. You need only look at who benefits from the entré of celebrities, “qui bono” – and you will have your answer. It is the Farmers who rose up in moral courage against the injustice of the regime’s 3 Farm Bills. It is the Farmers, the people of the soil, who know well with their innate wisdom who and what they are up against. It is the Farmers who continue to have the bravery to face up against a corrupt regime. For celebrities and McActivists to seek affiliating with the Farmers Protest, we must look at who benefits, “qui bono“?

Slides LINK : from the article, Part I in this series: KNOWLEDGE IS A WEAPON. ARM YOURSELF.

Critical thinking, as you read the the following, would be helpful. You will see, as well, the reason the machinery behind the WEF/Davos/globalist/ruling-class, and the Indian regime which works for and with the same globalists, pulled out all the stops and leveraged their two, big impact, celebrity influencers: “Riri” and “Greta”. The narrative being played and pumped out by the media churn, makes it appear like two seemingly ‘opposed factions’ are up against each other – just like the [establishment designed] Hindu/Muslim divide that has always worked so well for the regime. However, what appears to be (a) the regime inside ‘protecting’ India – versus – (b) the interfering ‘international, celebrity outsiders’, seemingly allied with the Farmers, and in collusion with separatist/anti-nationals.. are, in fact, all one and the same, and on the same ‘team’. The truth is both ‘factions’ work for the same side, and for the same agenda. “Divide & Conquer”, the old game. The showdown of ‘opposing sides’ up against each other, and the narrative created around it, is just for the audience, you.

India is the last and final battleground. We are the last wilderness, the last bastion where the ‘Spiritual and Temporal’ (“Miri Piri”) is the guiding strength of community and culture. India is one of the last remaining places where the new religious cult of “scientism” has not completely taken over. India is the last place where the corporatocracy has not won.

In 2008 Rajiv Shah was the Gates Foundation’s Director of Agricultural Development, and led the Foundation’s creation of the AGRA together with the Rockefeller Foundation. Today Shah is President of Rockefeller Foundation, Gates’ partner in AGRA, which foundation also financed the creation of GMO patented seeds back in the 1970s, the creation of CGIAR seed banks with the World Bank and India’s 1960’s failed Green Revolution.Rajiv Shah is also an Agenda Contributor at the World Economic Forum. Small world.
The fact that the President of AGRA is heading the September 2021 UN Food Systems Summit (note the use of “food systems”) exposes the seamless links between the UN, the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations, the World Economic Forum and their web of global corporate mega companies.

Here is the exposé which not one of the mainstream media outlets has, or likely will, publish. This exposé is the crux of this entire Civilianaire article, the payload. Read it with attention – and understand the great game being played upon India. The author, F. William Engdahl, [is a] strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

Truth is dangerous for those who live on narrative. “Knowledge is a weapon. Arm yourself”.

Slide LINKS article published in : New Eastern Outlook | Global Research | Countercurrents | Peoples Post India

#InquilabZindabad #KisanMajdoorEktaZindabad #JaiKisanJaiJawan #SatyamevJayate #JaiHind
Long Live Mother India this blessed and sacred land.

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  1. Respect, Deepti! You are just amazing. No words. Please do comment on Kanwar Grewal and Sonia Mann’s support as well. Gul Panag showed up too on at least one occasion. Thank you so much, Deepti. I am sharing articles from civilianaire as widely as possible.


  2. Hi Deepti, please share the link to the slideshow below the following sentences: ‘Everything else is “fact checked” and deleted – scrubbed from the internet and entirely from history and collective memories. The ruling class have been at this, manipulating narrative and our collective human stories, for a very long time.’ Thank you!


  3. Hello Civilianaire, dinosaur media is reporting today that Takait wants the depopulation shots for all farmers at the protest sites. This will spell the death-knell for the movement, and, of course, much of humanity. I hope this is just some lame stream gibberish as the farmers, their elders, and supporters were the last bastion of hope for our food security and bodily autonomy. I would appreciate your comments and views, please. Thanks

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      1. Many thanks, Deepti. In my desperation I reached out to Amandeep in parallel and he was kind enough to share this piece with me. I recently started following him at
        Again, thank you for everything you do…..Just awe-inspiring.

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