What is driving the Indian government’s refusal to repeal the Farm Bills? Qui Bono?

As the Farmers Protest escalates – self-proclaimed international “allies”, from the belly of the NeoLiberal beast, dubiously attempt to conflate McActivism, climate-change, global-north-style-feminism, and even floods, to the protesting Farmers.

Independent analysis and reportage on the machinery of empire and the corporatocracy behind-the-scenes against the biggest protests in the history of humanity.

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2. It’s Facebook Versus India’s Farmers
3. Farmers’ Protest in India – Price of Failure Will Be Immense

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Is this a potential scenario unfolding, as international McActivists enter the fray?

From Lieve Claes:

The interest of Rihanna and Greta Thunberg in India’s farmer protests is extremely ominous. It quite obviously points to the new plan: kill the protest from within. The foreign “humanitarian” “NGO” interest will divert the farmers’ demands in such a way that the laws will be “adjusted” to SEEM to give the farmers what they want, but in effect have the exact same outcome [as the Farm Bills].

Such a “Sikh Spring” has only benefits for the capitalist mega-corporations and their political puppets:
1. The capitalist, globalist, totalitarian goals will be met: Indian farmers will work effectively for the benefit of the mega-corporations.
2. Their propaganda puppets will once again increase their popularity by seemingly “having stood up for the oppressed” and won the “battle”.
3. Modi and the Indian government are presently losing their grip on the situation and have no other option but to get brutally violent.

They can avoid this by having their globalist overlords co-opt the protests and divert them towards accepting new laws that will be presented as a win for the farmers but have the same outcome [as the Farm Bills].

Modi’s popularity will get a huge boost, as he will “have ceded to the demands of the people” while in fact doing the complete opposite. You can watch it unfold live in front of your eyes.

Pray we don’t get fooled for the umpteenth time. The farmers need our support, not in theory but in practice. They know totally well what they need, nobody – and certainly no foreign celebrity or “NGO” – needs to “help” them formulating their demands or assessing the situation. We need freedom for the farmers, at all cost, and nothing, literally NOTHING else can be accepted.

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